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Let’s grow greener
A new pioneer in agriculture.
We have taken the opportunity to reinvent our core strengths under a new brand.
This means, Agrichem bio, Agrotecnologia, Idai Nature, Microquimica, MIP Agro, OGT, Oro Agri, Rodel, SDP and Tradecorp are coming together under one new brand: Rovensa Next.
This is driven by our ambition to stand stronger on our joint mission towards a sustainable future for agriculture and drive a bio-transformation.
We know it cannot be done alone. It is why we work closely with our customers and partners through the green transition to meet the future needs of agriculture.
We are also aware that it takes time. However, we can still be ambitious which is why we intensify our research, innovation and testing to help our customers and partners become greener - without compromising on product performance and yield output.
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We stand stronger as one brand, offering you…
+3,000 employees across 41 countries
30 high-tech laboratories
+80 countries in which are products are sold
14 factories across the world
*Rovensa Next figures including 10 aggregated companies and the Cosmocel acquisition
Let’s grow greener together!
How we help our partners accelerate the green transition in agriculture…
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Dedicated know-how and support

We understand the needs of different crops and work closely with our partners to help farmers solve their sustainability challenges.

Navigating the green transition demands someone who knows your business, someone like Rovensa Next dedicated to advancing sustainability in agriculture.

We are always available to share our knowledge and provide support to you with our +850 field support experts – our boots on the ground.

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Solutions for the full plant life cycle

It takes a holistic approach to unlock the full potential of sustainable crop management programs.

Rovensa Next does this by offering solutions for plants throughout their entire lifecycle - from seed to fork.

Our wide portfolio and trusted expertise are with you every step of the way, so we together can drive the green transition.

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No compromise on performance

Rovensa Next offers high performance biosolutions that can complement conventional agriculture products and minimise the environmental footprint.

In this way, we help our customers and partners drive a green transformation without compromising on performance and yield output.

Our sustainable crop management solutions always prioritise performance and quality while focusing on growing a sustainable future for agriculture.

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Research, innovation & testing

We continuously invest in scientific research to develop new and more sustainable solutions due to the pioneer spirit is in our DNA.

Innovation is at the centre of our goal to nourishing and controlling crops while minimising the environmental footprint.

Rovensa Next helps meet your needs by intensifying our innovation of crop management programs, going beyond what is possible now.